Restore the Function of your Smile with Dental Implants

An attractive smile speaks volumes about you and your overall state of health. Missing teeth can diminish the appearance of your smile and, more importantly, lead to other problems with your oral health.

When you lose one or more teeth, the shape of your mouth and look of your face can change. Over time, teeth will drift out of place, leading to jaw pain and a higher risk of gum disease. Gaps in your smile can also have an impact on the functioning of your teeth. Your ability to eat certain foods may be reduced and your speech may be affected.

Fortunately, Dentistry at Bayview Village has a solution for missing teeth. Dental implants provide permanent replacements that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. The implant is placed below the gum and bonds to the jaw, much like the root of a natural tooth. It acts as a base for a replacement tooth, or crown.

Dental implants are suitable to most people in good general health.

Implants improve the function and look of your smile. With a natural appearance, dental implants blend seamlessly with your other teeth. Because they are permanently fixed in the mouth, they give you the freedom to enjoy all of the foods you want. They also prevent other teeth from shifting, giving you a healthier smile and improved speech.

If you have concerns about your missing teeth, talk to us about dental implants.


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